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Laminate Wood Floor


At Conner's Flooring & Design we integrate a long history of high-quality flooring and tile installation experience with a thorough knowledge of the flooring and tile products available, so that we can provide the best possible experience for you and your project.  We also provide careful design and decor assistance to help you pull the elements of your space together with your product choices.


→ Our business began in 1974 as a professional flooring and tile installation service, applying meticulous craftsmanship and a strong work ethic to all types of flooring projects, no matter the complexity or size.  That is not to say we never made mistakes along the way.  Mistakes are often the best learning tools available, and we always stood by our work and corrected any mistakes to the best of our ability to ensure happy clients.  


→ In 1997 we purchased the already established Mr. Carpet Warehouse flooring store in College Place and developed a new product showroom.  In the transition from installation of flooring products to the sales of flooring products, we studied the vast array of products and apply our installation expertise to better help you not only find the right fit for your project but ensure that your chosen flooring is also installed with the proper techniques as well.


→ 2018 marked the opening of our brand-new, custom-designed showroom and warehouse on NE Rose Street in College Place.  Our facility is designed to provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing experience for you throughout the buying process. We also factored in better storage solutions for your material orders as well as optimized loadout zones to keep trucking and pickup safely separate from client parking areas.  Your safety is paramount!

We have continually invested in new products and new technologies to bring our customers the best possible experience.  We continually expand our product lines to include the latest in high quality flooring, tile, countertops, and window blinds.  Our site measurement and estimating technology has allowed us to create accurate estimates for your project with optimized material layout and minimal waste.  


We aim to be an effective team, ensuring your project gets done right the first time, and that your new flooring, tile, and blinds perform their best for your space.

It is an honor to serve the Walla Walla Valley and beyond, and we have been blessed by the excellent people we get to work with every day.  Thank you!

Our Process

Change can be hard. We do our best to make it easy. 

free on-site measurement

We accurately measure your spaces using the latest digital measuring technology. 

product selection

Our sales and design team kindly helps you choose the best products for the look you desire. 

free estimate

We generate a detailed quote using our measurements and your product choices. 

installation coordination

We coordinate installation with local professional installers so you can sit back and watch your dream become reality. 

We Expect the Unexpected


It's hard to know just what to expect when you begin to peel back the layers of your home. Years of layered floor coverings can lead to unexpected challenges in your project. And unexpected challenges usually translate to unexpected costs. Though we cannot see through all layers or predict every unknown factor, we use our collective decades of experience in both product sales AND product installation to help prepare for these types of unforeseen hurdles. For you, that means a job done right, with as few unexpected costs as possible.  

Create your dream space.
Tell us about your project today.

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