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Grout Choice

Yes, there are choices now, beyond the traditional sanded or unsanded cementitious grout.  Most people who shy away from tile are concerned about cleaning the grout because they've lived with cementitous grouts long enough to know they require a bit of scrubbing, sealing, and touch up.  But epoxy and urethane grouts never need to be sealed because they are non-porous, and they resist staining far better than traditional grout (especially since any no stain gets below the surface).  These new grout resist cracking and fading, and there is never any "adjusting" the mixture, so the color is the same over and over.  Even veteran tile installers are now praise the new grout options because they never have to go back and fix cracking or sagging grout or explain inconsistent colors in the grout.  For Showers and other wet areas, epoxy grout is your best choice.

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Daltile Wanke Cascade Oregon Tile & Marble
American Olean Shaw Portland Direct Tile & Marble
Florida Thompson  
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