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Vinyl Planks

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks or tiles (often called "LVP" for Luxury Vinyl Planks or "LVT" for Luxury Vinyl Tiles) can bring a more unique look to your floor while providing exceptional durability, water resistance, and easy maintenance.  These planks and tiles are available as a glue-down product, and often as a click-together product as well. Subfloor needs to be very smooth.

Konecto Planks

New innovations have spawned a hybric vinyl plank that uses a waterproof clicking core with a traditional vinyl plank on top.  Opens external link in new windowCoreTec from US Floors LLC holds the patent, and many brands offer a licensed version of their own.  The biggest advantage, besides being waterproof, is that the subfloor does not have to be perfectly smooth.  In fact, as long as the floor is the required "flatess," this product can be laid over most existing hard surface-type flooring (Tile, Wood, Vinyl) with minimal preparation.

Like all vinyl surfaces, these planks and tiles can scratch and scuff.  But the scratches and scuffs seldom undermine the finish of the product and rarely need to be addressed at all.  If a plank is majorly damaged, it can be replaced quite easily.  All plank products are sold by the box, often requiring less waste compared to vinyl rolls goods.