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Granite Kitchen Counter

Granite and marble have been a top choice for counter slabs for as long as anyone can remember.  Marble is a popular surface baking and adds a classy look, while the more dense and durable granite slab counters have become the perennial favorite for nearly any counter in the house.  Granite is less porous than marble, but both need to be thoroughly sealed to resist stains and bacterial growth.

Beauty of Granite

Choosing your slab can be a know-it-when-you-see-it experience.  The typical slab size is about 5'x10', and no two slabs are alike.  Some slabs, however, come from adjacent cuts and can be "matched" for your project for a cohesive look.  Cost varies widely depending on the rarity of the stone and the randomness of the pattern.  Edge profiles, specialty shapes, and other factors effect the overall cost as well, but the finished product always enhances the room and adds value to your home.

Granite Tile System

There are modular tile alternatives to granite slabs available for less money overall.  Most brands offer 12" granite tiles, but there are also brands that offer a full modular granite tile system complete with special edges to mimic the slab effect.  As usual, meticulous professional installation is key the getting the most out of granite tiles due to their highly reflective, smooth surface (any piece out of level is quickly noticeable).

Brands For Counter Tops

Formica Benissimo Granite Solutions LG
Wilsonart Cambria Avonite
Nevamar Silestone
Pionite Caesarstone  
...see all brands