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Glueless Sheet Vinyl

Glueless Vinyl Choices

Fiberglass-reinforced cushion vinyl has had a huge impact on the resilient flooring market in the last 10 years.  This waterproof vinyl can also be installed without glue in most cases, which adds to its appeal to installers and do-it-yourselfers alike.  The material itself comes from rolls that are usually 12' wide or 13'2" wide, with only a handful of options available on 6' wide rolls.  The advanced design makes it possible to outperform traditional felt-backed, glued-down vinyl in several ways:

-No shrinkage or curling

-Waterproof throughout

-Easier to install and remove

-Can often be installed over old flooring (with appropriate preparation)

Glueless Vinyl

These advances in performance still require proper installation for best results.  Special treatment is given to areas with any heavy appliances to make sure the glueless vinyl doesn't move when appliances do.  The surface wear layers are the same as traditional vinyls, so scratch and scuff resistance is quite good, especially on the mid- to upper-end vinyls.