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Commercial Carpet

Commercial Carpet Closeup

Commercial carpet is one of the most versatile products available for the price.  From inexpensive roll goods designed to cover as much area for as low a cost as possible, to modular, recyclable carpet tiles designed to offer the most flexibility for space planning and future changes, commercial carpet opens the door to endless possibilites.

Floral and Geometric Options

Commercial carpets utilize many of the same fibers found in residential carpets, but they often have more advanced backing systems available that provide superior durability.  And each brand brings its own proprietary technologies to the table.  For example, some backings are made from recycled materials and can be completely recyclable, while others have developed backing technologies that virtually eliminate any potential issues with unraveling loops or fraying fibers.

Wide Selection of Commercial Styles

Choosing the right carpet for your project comes down to the type of traffic it will receive and the desired longevity or flexibility.  There is no shortage of styles and colors to choose from, and almost any budget can be accommodated with commercial carpet options.  One factor to keep in mind is that many commercial carpet series are made to order and can take 3 to 4 weeks to receive.  Many of the brands remedy this issue with "quick-ship" programs which promise to have enough stock of certain colors on hand at all times and ship within a shorter window of time.