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Outdoor Carpet

Outdoor Carper and Turf

Outdoor carpets are made to withstand the elements in all seasons.  To some, outdoor carpet makes their porch or patio a little more comfortable.  Others seek its non-slip surface for their walkways or areas around a pool that can be slippery.  The backing on most outdoor carpets are made with special water-resistance adhesive that allows the carpet to handle rain, snow and freezing cold temperatures, as well as high humidity and heat.  Styles range from traditional solid-colored or two-tone "grass" textures, to looped styles in a variety of patterns and colors to suit your decor.

New Outdoor Carpet Styles

As with any flooring product, the correct installation makes all the difference with outdoor carpet.  Only use outdoor carpet adhesive when gluing the carpet down.  Any exposed edges perform best when covered or trimmed (most often with aluminum trim designed for that specific use).  A properly installed outdoor carpet can last for years and years.