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Looped / Patterned Carpet

Looped or Berber Carpet - Closeup

Looped carpets, often referred to as "berber," resist crushing and traffic patterns quite well due to the tightly-woven construction and a generally low nap height (staircases and hallways benefit the most).  Styles range from traditional flecked berber and varying patterns within that look, to modern patterns with varying loop sizes and either tone-on-tone or monochromatic designs.  Typically, the fiber used in a looped carpet can be less costly since the looped construction itself helps determine the carpet's durability (more so than in a plush, cut-pile carpet where the fiber choice is more critical).

Patterned Loop Carpet

A patterned carpet takes the berber concept further by incorporating either cut-pile fibers, varying loop heights, or a mixture of colors (or all of the above) in the design.  Patterned carpets with one or two colors, where the actual pattern is determined by the looped or cut-pile areas, are a popular option for nearly any room in the house.  While the fiber itself tends to make the biggest difference in the softness of the carpet, most of the soft residential versions of pattern carpet contain a higher percentage of cut-pile fibers, while the industrial-strength versions contain more tightly-woven looped areas.  So, whether you're looking for something out of the ordinary, or you just want to create more visual impact in your favorite room, a patterned carpet can offer limitless design possibilities.

Colorfully Patterned Carpet

Then there are the full color, intricately-patterned carpets like you see in restaurants, hotels, etc.  Installation becomes a little more intricate with any patterned carpet due to the need for a perfect match at every seam so that the pattern looks continuous.  Most installers will charge a little extra per square foot for the additional time involved with pattered carpets.