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Plush / Textured Carpet

Plush Carpet Options

Soft, Warm and Comfortable.  Plush carpets tend to be a family favorite for the most relaxing and comfortable rooms in the house.  And with a huge selection of colors and textures available in almost any price range, it's easy to find the right carpet at the right price to fit any style.  The measure of quality for most plush carpets is usually based on the fiber and density of those fibers.  While Wool, Triexta and Nylon tend to be the best fiber choices, there are some great values in alternative fibers like PET or Polyester.  In most cases, the higher the density, the better the carpet will hold up to traffic.

Textured Carpet Closeup

Textured carpets offer up great possibilities for those who want something a little beyond the even-cut look of a standard plush carpet.  From tall, shaggy looks to mulit-colored, tightly twisted styles, and everything in between, a textured carpet look could be the design option you've been searching for.  As with the plush carpet options, the fiber choices are the same and carry the same importance.  However, since most textured carpets avoid the "flat" look of a standard plush, density tends to be less crucial than how tighly twisted the fibers are.  The more twists per inch the better the performance.

Professional installation is always key to getting the most out of your purchase.